Eligibility requirements


    • A Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.5 or higher, with no final grades of Ds or Fs
    • Passing scores on FSA and Algebra EOC or equivalent SAT/ACT scores
    • Completion of or enrollment in:
      • At least three honors, AP, or IB Course
      • English: 4 years
      • Foreign Language: 2 years
      • Math: 4 years
      • Science: 3 years
      • Social Studies (including history): 3 years
    • Annual family income of less than $60,000
    • 1st generation college student (your parents did not go to a 4 year college in the US)
    • Attend a partner high school: Miami Beach Senior High School or Doctors Charter School*

    *Programs have limited capacity, applications reviewed on a rolling basis.


    Without CatalyzED, I would have merged with the large cluster of students that are entirely confused about the college process. As someone who is not privileged enough to afford a private college advisor, I thank CatalyzED every single day for helping me with this process. My Catalyst makes everything fun despite the whole stress and really motivates me to meet some deadlines. Furthermore, CatalyzED is especially integral for 1st generation low-income students because I could have been easily lost & hopeless in even deciding a college, but every step of this process has been comprehensible and manageable thanks to the program.
    — CatalyzED Fellow 2018