We provide FREE one-on-one college counseling to high achieving students.

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What we do

We help 1st Generation students get into their best-Fit college by providing One-on-One college counseling.


How we Do it

We believe in the power of one-on-one advising.

We pair academically motivated students with a College Catalyst who acts as their personal educational advisor. Advisors provide the information, guidance, and support that students and families need to navigate the college selection and application process.

Students can apply for CatalyzED College starting January 1st of their Junior year.

Once selected, students meet with their College Catalyst a minimum of 12 times during Junior and Senior, meetings cover the following:

  • ACT/SAT registration and study plans

  • College campus visits

  • Creating a college list

  • Writing your personal statement

  • Filling out applications

  • Writing supplemental essays

  • Finding scholarships

  • Completing financial aid forms

  • Comparing offers and making decisions

  • College Enrollment process

  • Adjusting to College Life


I would have never gotten through the barriers of college applications by myself. CatalyzED did what it says it will. It got me into a great school and made the process of applying and writing essays easy on me. As a senior there is a lot asked from me and my College Catalyst has made this fun for me. I have been encouraged, supported, and told the truth throughout my journey. There has not been anything like this that I have been a part of that has helped me set up the next couple years of my life. For that, I am grateful.
— CatalyzED Fellow 2018